The tremendous benefits that Montessori Method can bring to each and every child is well established. We are honored to be involved in contributing and furthering the ideals of Maria Montessori.

The Montessori Material House is a well-established montessori materials manufacturer serving the Montessori community in Sri Lanka since 2010.This is a family owned business and Founder has a vast experience in the Industry.

Our learning materials are based on the Montessori education method and they stimulate the child’s desire to learn. We constantly strive to improve the Products range, practicality and performance for the benefits of the child.

And always ensure the use of best raw materials, created with care,towards our commitment to safety of the child. As a manufacturer we are proud to offer that the most extensive Montessori product ranges available on the market today.

Consistent positive feedback on our delivered materials has established that our quality and competitive pricing have fulfilled our customer's requirements.

We are continuously committed to provide a firm foundation to the child’s early development which help them to grow independently, caring and for being responsible adults. We hope that our products will challenge,educate and inspire children and give them a sense of care and pride that goes into making them.